The Bos Czech Republic is the leader in designer lighting within the country, and it warmly welcomes you! We are the experts in providing tailored lighting that represents tradition, quality and also elegant design. All of our lamps are masterworks, combining artistry with the character. 

Finding the Best in Custom Lighting in Czech

With our creative lighting services, we can make any space into a customized room of light and also majesty.

Planning and design

Paving / Crafting

All locksmith work

Welding, soldering

Surface treatments

Metal casting

We Stand Tall with our Designer Lighting Success

The Bos Czech Republic has been a front-runner in the world of designer lighting for more than 30 years. We light up places of any kind leaving a positive mark with our elegant lamp designs.

Our major partners

Contact Us For Your Designer Lighting Requirements

Your interest in Bos Czech Republic is highly valued and we are very happy to help with your designer lighting needs. If you have any questions or inquiries or if you wish to discuss a project involving custom lights with us then we are happy and ready for both. Complete the form below, and we will get back to you very soon.



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