National Theatre Prague

The historic National Theater of Prague has gone through a number of restorations, though Thalia had been served continuously there long before it became famous. These efforts, despite some failures, have helped save and bring out the full beauty of this cultural heritage.

Scope of work:
I. Restoration of the Central Chandelier:
The gold leaf technique was used to repair the gold-finished surfaces.
Full redesign of the electrical system.
Addition of structural elements to prevent metal shades from hitting against glass.

II. Refurbishment of Outdoor Pendant Lights:
The introduction of a new surface finish.
A new electrical system was installed.

III. Production of Four Forged Wall Lanterns:
Crafted to the architect’s specifications.
Steel materials finished in patina.
Brass wires are carefully braided with glass blinds to boost both visual and safety appeal.
The crown of the wall light has 24-carat gold gilding.

Interesting Fact:
In 2005, the National Theater’s management appointed BOS Mladá Bolodav, an industry leader in designer lighting in the Czech Republic, to remake a grand chandelier.

In particular, there was one demand to resolve the issue of chandelier pieces clinking during tram moves through the building. The restoration included:
Correction of the threads on a previous repair’s short bulb socket.
They changed the electrical installation and high-current control wire in the chandelier.
The surface of the chandelier was covered with gold leaf.

The majority of complex labor was done in the attic of this theater or during production procedures at our workshops.

With the facade renovations, outdoor pendant lights were replaced. National Museum lighting inspired the newly forged lanterns provided on the building’s façade respecting the requirements of the State Historic Preservation Office.


Scope of work:
Restoration, production of lighting fixtures and fittings of other objects. Materials used: brass, glass, lime wood, pewter composition, etc.

BOS Czech Republic, one of the leading designers in light fittings, sets out its Destiny mainly to repair as well as develop designer lighting products at Rudolfinum project, which is known by every layman. BOS acted as the main contractor for this renovation area, including materials such as brass, glasswork of linden wood, and pewter composition. The company not only restored but also replicated old lamps, air conditioning and radiator covers, and door and window fittings, among other things.

Interesting fact:
Unlike numerous other revelations, one weird highlight happened on another Friday – when, in a hurry, an investor demanded 90 new lighting fittings before clearance could take place. Interestingly, BOS created glass and metal stamping molds that same evening started blowing on Tuesday afternoon, and made brass coverings. The electrical assembly, similar to precise weapon manufacture, was well done in the workshop.

Logistical coordination peaked on the same Friday. One van carried glass shades made in Košťany, another brought polished and painted brass faceplates, whereas a third supplied interior accessories such as fluorescent lamps. The error-free delivery, even without a trial run, showed that BOS was committed to quality.

This large-scale undertaking marked the beginning of BOS’s operations in the former Czechoslovakia. The only firm considered for the monopoly contract was Lustry Kamenický Šenov, and BOS won that. Later on, representatives of the latter came to the Ministry of Construction after all assignments were allocated. The Rudolfinum project was successfully completed by BOS, thus reinforcing its reputation as the country’s number-one supplier of custom designer lighting.

Reconstruction design. arch. Karel Prager

National Museum

In Bos Czech Republic, we have shown commitment to quality by lighting the prestigious National Museum with our designer lights. Our engagement comprises projects, which include the restoration of the Bedřich Smetana monument in Jabkenice and the reconstruction of the main building of the National Museum.
The work on the total reconstruction of the main building was supposed to be the culmination of the art and craftsmanship work carried out so far.

Scope of work:
We worked hard to develop 569 custom lighting fixtures, manually manufactured in an effort to recreate the original patterns. Moreover, we renovated existing lighting fixtures, covering major surface treatments, structural repairs, and installation of new electrical systems. In particular, the components of restored lamps served as models for producing new copies of chandeliers.

Interesting fact:
However, the National Museum project was supposed to be a jewel in the crown after following several successful undertakings that involved some renowned pieces. But our journey took several unanticipated turns. It returned to us even though we circulated our offer price among various reconstruction applicants and potential suppliers in neighboring countries seven years ago. We continued to focus on producing quality work during this period.
The work on repairs and production of ordered items was carried out and delivered as always in high quality.

Bring history to life with light

At the same time, Bos Czech Republic makes an amalgam of times through its Designer Lighting Collection. Showcase your room with our spectacular custom lighting designed to give history a light. Every item is a masterpiece, featuring harmoniously blended old elegance and contemporary functionality. Find the magic of designer lighting in the Czech Republic, made for an exquisite and long-lasting atmosphere.


Elegance that
enchants you

The manufacturer of Bos Czech Republic is a magic designer light created in the capital city of Prague and professionally established lights. Our lamps are more than just tools: they represent artistic forms with elements of antique design through elegance, mildness, and complication.

It will take customers to the bright past of our custom lighting collection, which has been inspired by historical styles. In Bos Czech Republic, designers use a design heritage to decorate your home with custom-made chandeliers and lighting fixtures.

Own a unique story in light

The Bos Czech Republic translates an all-new concept of lighting, from luxury collective design to unique custom-made pieces and long traditions. Our studio makes one-of-a-kind masterpieces, the intense and patiently worked artistry of handmade that characterizes our masterpieces. You not only get a light source when you purchase a historic chandelier from us but also transform into a heritage guardian, bringing your uniqueness to the story.

Let us immerse you more in why our historic lighting and chandeliers are so unique and fascinating.

Artistic individuality

The Bos Czech Republic provides an unparalleled degree of uniqueness. All of our luminaries are handmade; therefore, every hourglass is its own. Select our antique chandelier for a real piece of art, or alter the design. Illuminate the uniqueness of your place with timeless class.

A connection to history

Bos Czech Republic lighting has developed not about simple illumination but as a means of connection between the past and present. The ancient brightness of our chandelier would not look out of place in the noble dwellings and mythical halls from the beginning of the twentieth century. Let our lighting deliver the contemporary flair to your surroundings while establishing a connection between this place and its innumerable legacy.

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