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Our history in design lighting goes back more than 30 years. We are a long-established company that specializes in Arts & Crafts work, especially in lighting fixtures and pendant accessories. Each of our products is unique and unmissable, mainly due to the fact that we manufacture mainly by hand. Each piece carries a touch of original art and design that everyone will love.

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Our milestones


In the first months after the Velvet Revolution, Karel Švásta founded the company BOS Mladá Boleslav, whose trademark soon became the domain of most state commissions of an artistic and craft nature.

This year, he himself is participating in the tender for the total restoration of lamps, fittings and other objects of the Prague RUDOLFIN. This tender was won by the company BOS Mladá Boleslav.

The main argument that contributes to winning this tender is not the price, but the comprehensiveness of the services offered.

The following commissions include Blaník Palace, Žofín, Malostranské palaces, town and city halls, including the Old Town Hall in Prague, hotels, restaurants and many others.


The company BOS s.r.o. is established. Everything else remains unchanged. A small overview of the following commissions shows the emerging stability of a rising star in the field of artistic crafts, which gradually wins most of the prestigious commissions in its field.

The biggest order in the history of our company is the MUNICIPAL HOUSE in Prague.


After graduating from SUPŠ Turnov, Karel Švásta Jr. joined the company and gradually worked his way up from the position of an ordinary workshop specialist to the position of production master and gradually took over production management.

We are recording our first works abroad and other major commissions across the country.


Courtship with commercial companies (FOIBOS, SANS SOUSI, LASVIT).????

The production company BOS s.r.o. merges with the trading company Lasvit s.r.o. and a long-standing cooperation in the field of production of luminaires for the whole world follows.


BOS s.r.o. takes over the business name of its partner and LASVIT MB s.r.o. is established.

Literally huge works of art are created by leading architects and designers around the world.


Realization of major commissions National Theatre Prague, Kladruby Monastery, Imperial Spa in Karlovy Vary


Return to the original company name, Lasvit MB s.r.o. returns to the name BOS and changes to BOS LIGHTING s.r.o.

Our products can be found


National, Vinohradské, Pod Palmovkou, Stavovské, Mladá Boleslav, Pardubice, Chrudim, Náchod, Opava, Baroque theatres in Český Krumlov, Mnichovo Hradiště

Castles, chateaux, monasteries

Mělník, Mcely, Třeboň, Kroměříž, Vinařice, Loučeň, Mnichovo Hradiště, Český Krumlov, Prague Castle, Sychrov, Komořany, Rumburk, Emauzy, Břevnov

Hotels, restaurants

InterContinental Prague, Beranek Náchod, Aria Prague, Nupaki, Tichý Prague, Městec Králové, Merkur Jablonec n. N., Flambee Prague, Lázně Jeseník, Alcron Prague, Český dům Moskva

Temples, churches, synagogues

St. Vít Prague, Bethlehem Chapel Prague, St. Bartholomew Cologne, Choir of Czech Brothers Ml. Boleslav, Huss Choir Prague, St. Procopius Sázava, St. Martin and Loreto Kosmonosy, Údrnice, St. Stephen Kouřim

Staronova, Pinkasova, Klausova, Maiselova synagogue in Prague and others e.g. in Krnov, Jičín, Březnice, Mikulov

Famous and important buildings

Prague palaces: the Wallenstein, Nostic, Pálffy, Kinsky, Ledenburg, Czernin, Braun House, Blaník Palace, Karolinum, Rohan Palace, Mozarteum, Bertramka, Old Town Hall and others …

Bata skyscraper in Zlín, spa houses in Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně

Representative offices

Paris, Budapest, Moscow, Copenhagen, residence of the American ambassador in Prague


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Coming up.

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