Scope of work: restoration, lighting manufacturing, forging of other objects

Used materials: brass, glass, linden wood, tin composition


Interesting fact:


Shortly before the final approval, the investor made an additional order of 90 new lights. Later in the evening, glass and metal stamping folds were designed. On Tuesday glass ornaments were blown, brass covers were manufactured, and electronic wiring was assembled.


The following Friday, one car brought glass screens from Košťany, another delivered polished and painted brass parts and the third brought interior constructions with fluorescent lights. Without any previous testing, everything fell perfectly into place and all of the client’s expectations were fulfilled.


The lighting in The Rudolfinum was the first large order for the newly established company BOS, which brought it to the top amongst other lighting manufacturers in what was then Czechoslovakia. One of the reasons why our company was offered the order in the first place, was the fact that the only approached company was Lustry Kamenický Šenov, whose representatives unfortunately arrived late to the meeting at the Ministry of Culture and by that time all the work had already been divided.


Reconstruction design: Ing. arch. Karel Prager